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AppHotels: the best solution for upselling

AppHotels is the new software solution for upselling by Tourism Innovation Lab, an innovative start-up that develops SaaS products aimed at accommodation facilities and tourist platforms. Tourism Innovation Lab was the fruit of the twenty-year experience of the Green Consulting company, operating in the tourism sector since 1998, and of its founding partner Paolo Mandrelli, entrepreneur in the sector of innovative IT services for tourism. The team of professionals that makes up the AppHotels team includes software developers, project managers, digital marketing and business experts.

Who we do this for

To let the customer know about the extra services available, which will make their stay unique.
Who are able to bring to life the best activities and experiences that the destination offers for tourists.
Allowing them to access information, places of interest and activities proposed by the hotel and the destination.
Bring out the identity of the destination and the whole region to create a virtuous exchange that promotes development.

Why we do it

Italy is a natural tourist destination, why not make the most of it? Tourism is an important resource for our country – around 12% of GDP – and the market is showing strong growth. More and more people are choosing Italy for their holidays and tourism flows will increase exponentially in the coming years. Let’s not let the over tourism of big cities continue to be a problem! AppHotels’ goal is to propose the true Italian identity (its culture, food, lifestyle) and provide a tool that allows destinations, business managers and accommodation facilities to best represent their specific identity. Let’s make our land the star!

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