AppHotels Features and Benefits

Earn with upselling

Increase your average revenue by selling your ancillary services and the experiences that the area offers for tourists, with specific proposals for customers who will have the opportunity to buy them and enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Web App customised for your accomodation

Do you want to independently manage upselling and earn directly from the sale of the extra services of your facility and region? With the customised version of AppHotels it is possible and you will have total autonomy!

Cover the entire customer journey

Send the right message at the right time: offer experiences and services from the moment of booking and for the entire duration of their stay in the facility.

Offer the services of the region

Let your customer get to know the area by selling the experiences and activities it offers through the StayMore circuit integrated with AppHotels.

Extend their stay

By providing a wide range of services, activities and information right from the time of booking, you will increase customer satisfaction and the possibility that the customer will extend their stay.

Integration with PMS

The process of acquiring customer contacts and communicating during the customer journey is automated thanks to the integration with property management systems.

Integration with Wi-Fi systems

Integration with the captive portal systems means the contact data of the customers of the facility not found in the PMS will be acquired, creating a database useful for communications.

Pamper your customer

Anticipate customer requests by selling just what they need. A satisfied customer is a happy customer: this translates into an improvement in the brand reputation of your facility and destination.

Webapp: no downloads

AppHotels does not need to be downloaded and installed from the stores but can be immediately reached by the customer via a link. Guests of the accommodation will be able to access services and offers using a QR code.

Make your services known

Put the spotlight on what you can offer the customer to make their stay special!
The tourist who chooses your accommodation does not know your strengths or the extra services you can offer to make their stay original and unforgettable. Why not tell them about yourself? AppHotels gives you the opportunity to make your hotel known in its entirety and to ensure your customer’s stay is truly amazing.

It tells of the wonders of the region

Sell the best experiences and the most interesting activities available in the surrounding area.
The customer has chosen you, they have placed their trust in you so you are their first touch point with the destination. Now all you have to do is let them discover the wonders of your region in an exclusive way, leading them by the hand through the uniqueness and beauty of your surroundings. Why let someone else take care of it when you can do it automatically with just one WebApp?

Don't leave the customer who has booked alone

Contact them before they arrive and suggest the best experiences.
From the time of booking until they arrive at the accommodation, the customer is left alone and does not know what things the facility can offer them. Stand out from the crowd! Take advantage of this time frame to offer your future guest activities and experiences to do in your hotel or in the region.

AppHotels: the software for a superb stay

AppHotels is the perfect solution for offering and selling the services of your accommodation facility.
Do you want to make your customer’s stay unforgettable with experiences that transform their holiday into a story to be told? A single product will allow you to meet the needs of your guest and offer solutions that enhance the classic stay through the sale of your additional services, such as restaurant, wellness centre, room upgrade, tastings, cooking classes, etc.

Enhance the offer for a special holiday

Enhance your offer with tours and experiences from the AppHotels catalogue.  
Standing out from the crowd has never been easier! Suggesting special itineraries, giving information and providing the opportunity to explore the wonders of the area will enhance the guest’s stay by making them fully experience the most authentic atmosphere of the destination in a simple way via your WebApp.

Cover the entire customer journey

The right message at the right time to generate more revenue.
With full coverage of the customer journey, they will receive the right message at the right time, from booking to check-out, and for the duration of their stay. You can welcome your guest even before their arrival! Remember: a satisfied customer is a happy customer.

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    Earn with upselling

    Pamper your customer

    Cover the entire customer journey

    Offer the services of the region

    Extend their stay

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