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AppHotels is the first application for mobile systems in the world which let you manage contents, offers and online booking of your hotel, so the customer can book directly on line from his Smartphone. Today you can offer your clients every information and a real interaction between you and them customers directly on their telephone.

You hotel will always be in your clients’ pocket.

Our unique platform will let you customize your App in an easy and fast way, so the custmore can have his personal product at the cost of an industrial one.

We are certain, we are the cheapest company!

You can manage every information about your territory in different languages, they will actually be managed by AppHotels. Monuments, events, museums and everything your territory proposes will always be updated, geo-localized even in improved reality and with navigation sysyem.
The APP was developed in order to work with the following operating systems: iOS (Apple) and Android (Google, HTC, Samsung, LG, Acer, Sony Ericsson, Motorola). The App is provided in two languages (Italian and English), but further languages can be developed on request of the hotel. The graphics of this App can be chosen among the following skins: Tourist, Business or Luxury. But you can have your own graphics too.

Attention: our product is a real App, not a WEB-APP, nor a Mobile site.

The APP is divided into 4 macro areas:

This App Will let you manage fees and Hotel availabilities through an extranet system, or just via Channel manager.

Your customers can book their hotel in real time, directly from the phone, in an area which is not your web site. The use of a booking system in the App, can let you plan different strategies of pricing for App owners, this will bring you two advantages:

  • Customers’ loyalty
  • Absence of OTA broking

Just put a QR code or a link in the web site and/or on the E-Mail signature, so the customer can download the App, and you can show him how this system works, and how to get some special discounts and services.

This will improve the direct purchase, without broking costs and saving money on the real cost.

On this area of the App the hotel can list its services with price and availability through an appropriate CMS.

The hotel can suggest real time offers with PUSH notify to its customers when they are in house or nearby the hotel.

The user will be updated in real time about services and offers, referring to them in the same hotel, or from house, before and after the booking.

The hotel can differentiate its offers in the web site from the ones on the App, thus creating a sort of exclusive club for the App’s owners. The customer is therefore encouraged to keep the App on his mobile, staying loyal to the hotel.

In this section you can find every useful information about the hotel.

Pics, texts and videos will describe the hotel on the following topics:

  • Contacts
  • Payment
  • Facilities
  • Meal
  • Distance
  • Hotel Fact
  • Photogallery

AppHotel is unique; it is constantly updated though tourist contents coming from our partners, specialized in finding information about events, itineraries and services to the customer.

This page offers also important information about safety and first aid.

The “public” area will furthermore convince the customer to keep the App on his Mobile, in order to keep in touch with the hotel.
The user can therefore exploit the territory he’s staying in, at its best, simply using this information on the phone. On the other hand the hotel can offer a better concierge service, surprising the customer and saving precious time.

Here are some services included in the Publi area, for the city the Hotel is located:

  •  Underground (Visualization on a map and with improved reality and Navigation System)
  •  taxi (Visualization of the next station, possibility to call the taxi and Navigation System)
  •  Bus & trolley cars
  •  Parking (Visualization on a map and with improved reality and Navigation System)
  •  Airports (Visualization on a map and with improved reality and Navigation System)
  •  Events in the city, monthly updated with two languages
  •  “simultaneous translator
  •  Weather
  •   Intelligent around me
  •  Geo localization of your position
  •  Car locator
  •  Take me back to the hotel
  •  Public utility numbers

The updating of the App is offered by Green Consulting, it will improve with the time, with new contents and services.

The hotel can have a lot of advantages with this App, like the customer’s satisfaction, and his loyalty, as well as the opportunity to get new clients and – last but not least – the chance to avoid extra OTA costs. Almost certainly every hotel is going to have its own App very soon, just like every hotel started having its web site and a booking engine a few years ago. Today your hotel can be a real frontrunner in this field, with all the advantages related to this:

  • You can supply your customers with a brand new service helping them to fully enjoy their holiday
  • You can have an advantage over your competitors, considering that these Apps are still little widespread
  • A natural word-of-mouth advertising among the users can strengthen the hotel’s position, which will be regarded as innovative and groundbreaking.


But, first of all:

  • You can keep your customers loyal by giving them special discounts if they have this App
  • You can do up selling with in-house customers, using a push messages for services and offers
  • You can place a QR code on your web site in order to download the App, this will help the customers to book their stay with a discount.
  • You can use other selling channels like Google market or ITunes App Store.

The customer can download the App free of charge, and he can get further discounts and customized useful services, connected to the city he’s staying in and elsewhere, he will be convinced to use this App and he won’t cancel it after the stay.

Advantages connected to the hotel and the city:

  • Favour fees
  • Customized offers, before and during the stay
  • Full visibility of every tourist offer in the city, like monuments, events, museums, various services, and useful information
  • Navigation system and visualization with increased reality of POI in the “public” area
  • Take me back to the hotel function


Other useful function, independent from the stay:

  • car locator
  • Simultaneous translator